Preparing our Seniors Job Shadowing

Preparing our Seniors Job Shadowing
Posted on 11/27/2018
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For the last six years, West Central Area Schools has offered a senior seminar class.  This class, required by all graduating seniors provides students the opportunity to learn, develop and strengthen life skills as they prepare themselves for further education, the workforce or serving their country.  Preparing to graduate and leave home is an exciting and scary time for seniors. This class acknowledges and embraces this. Students study careers that interest them, learn to balance a checkbook and fill out a tax form.  They explore a variety of educational institutions and correlate what might be the best educational choice for them, learning what some call “college prep 101” – discussing and preparing themselves for everything they could possibly need to know about surviving and thriving in college.  A variety of post-high school scenarios are explored and students ask themselves:

Would I be happy doing this?

Does this match my skill set?

Is this where I want to see myself in the future?

Does this match my dreams and aspirations?

As they ask themselves these questions, they are also learning the vocabulary, experiences, and possibilities each of these scenarios will bring.

A goal of this class is to encourage students to pursue something they have an interest and passion for often leading to a hobby, vocation or volunteering opportunity to be enjoyed throughout their adult life.  

A favorite activity in this class is the job shadowing day.  Students choose a vocation of interest to them and spend a day exploring a typical day in that career.  WCA students have had a wide variety of experiences; from students in Grand Forks learning about aviation all the way to Elk River to learn about being an auto technician.  Numerous students have observed the medical field seeing things like childbirths, surgeries, cancer units, and radiology departments. “This is a great experience for them. They are able to see the day to day work, gain wisdom from professionals doing the very work they are interested in, write an authentic resume and even get to participate in an actual job interview.  We believe this is preparing our students to be successful beyond high school, “says senior seminar teacher Kraig Hunter.