Learning through Debate

Learning through Debate
Posted on 01/30/2020
The juniors have been learning from student teacher, Hannah Buysse about Public Forum Debates. 

Students are divided into teams of two. Each team is paired up with another and each given either a pro or con side of a resolution. 

Students have researched for weeks, using scholarly and credible resources to create an argument that supports their side. 

On debate day, each team delivers a combination of pre-written speeches, improvised back-and-forth debate, and focused counter-argument speeches against their opponent. 

Some of the resolutions

  • Should schools shift their start time so that they begin later in the morning and end later in the afternoon/early evening?
  • Should high school coaches be required to give equal playing time to all players who make the team?
  • Should school uniforms be mandatory for teachers?
  • Should performing 100 hours of community service be part of high school graduation requirements?
  • Should minors be allowed to get tattoos or piercings without parent permission?
  • Should the legal driving age be increased to age 18?
  • Our country needs more scientists and engineers. Should students pursuing those two fields pay less college tuition than people in other majors on the same campus?
  • Should colleges no longer require applicants to have studied a foreign language?
  • Should art classes be required every year of high school?
  • Should schools get cash bonuses from the state for high test scores?
  • Should cities provide free internet access?
  • Should the government increase the sales tax on fatty and high-sugar junk foods?

“It’s worthwhile because it expands our process on thinking on the fly.” - Mark Adams

“It’s fun to interact with our classmates in a civil argument. It’s cool to see this side of people!” - Mark Adams