Health Classes at WCA

Health Classes at WCA
Posted on 12/21/2018

Health is Important at WCA

Teaching about the health sciences is important to give students at WCA a baseline knowledge about the health fields. It is also a great way to introduce students to an industry that can play a huge part in their personal or professional life.

Our communities have benefited greatly through the health science classes offered at West Central Area. In recent years, we have turned students on to an industry that has jobs in high demand in our area, and those students have been able to fill job openings that help our area health businesses. With students working in the nursing and emergency medical fields in our area, it ensures that the WCA community has qualified people to respond to emergencies and care for people through all stages of life now and into the future.

WCA offers classes in many areas of the healthcare industry. We are currently offering certified nursing assistant, emergency medical responder (first responders), emergency medical technicians, and CPR training. We also have an exploratory class where students shadow employees at Prairie Ridge Health Services, Barrett Care Center, Kastner Chiropractic and Elbow Lake Dental. During their shadow experience, students get to see many different aspects of the industry from housekeeping to billing to patient care; rotating through each of the departments on a weekly basis.  They also get to learn from other area health professionals, including: the local sheriff’s department, hospice care, mental health professionals and a local funeral home.

As an EMT, Ben Johnson, one of the health science teachers says, “The emergency medical field has interested me for quite some time. When presented with the opportunity to pass the knowledge and skills on to students to help ensure a future of reliable medical services in our communities, I was thrilled. Seeing the interest from the students keeps me excited and wanting to continue to offer these classes and follow the careers of these bright students.”

West Central Area Schools has students who are EMT’s in Elbow Lake and Hoffman and EMRs available in all of the communities that are a part of WCA as well. If you call for an ambulance in Grant County, there is a decent chance that one of our graduates will be there to provide care. We also have CNA’s working in area nursing homes to provide care for our parents and grandparents, as well as rehabilitation services. Students from the health science classes are also busy furthering their education after high school by attending different colleges for nursing, lab technician, medical billing, and paramedics.

In addition to studying or pursuing careers in the medical field, WCA also offers elective physical education classes.  One of these classes is a weight lifting class where they design their own workouts specific to their personal goals.  This also includes classroom time used to discuss and learn about the various elements in exercise science like basic anatomy and physiology and interesting conversations with a nutrition focus.

The health of our students and those in our communities is important to West Central Area and by providing these experiences we can engage students and positively influence the health in our area.